Friday, January 31, 2014

BDSM and FETSH Lifestyle Coach

What Is a BDSM and Fetish Lifestyle Coach? BDSM and Fetish life coaching can help a person to experience better sexual fulfillment, joy and pleasure. BDSM and Fetish life coaching is far different from therapy. This special kind of life coaching enhances not only your life in general, but your sexual experiences as well. Whether you are facing obstacles, are not certain where to take your fetish experience next, simply curious to learn about fetish, or have already been playing for while and you are searching for some fresh inspiration, a fetish life coach can help. Whatever your sexuality issues, perceived limitations, concerns, goals or expectations, fetish coaching can help to align your deepest desires. Just call me Princess Chance. I am an expert in BDSM and fetish lifestyle coaching, specializing in hypno, edging, humiliation and spankings. I am very open to all kinks, fetishes and lifestyles. I provide phone or on-cam services; you can visit NiteFlirt if you want to talk to me live. I also provide R/T with reliable, trusted clients. I will handle your needs with respect, care and discretion. Fetish coaching appreciates, acknowledges and utilizesses the inseparable attachment between your sexuality and the other dimensions of your life. Once you expand your sexual and sensual pleasure, you develop your capability to experience joy, love and abundance in all areas of your life. My BDSM and fetish life coaching is highly customized for every customer. All my knowledge and skill is at every client’s disposal, including sex education and information, intuitive readings, emotional and mental rebalancing, referrals and resources. The ultimate purpose of my coaching is to achieve the integration of spirit, mind and body. What Types of Things Does a Fetish Coach Do? It fully depends on who I’m dealing with. I have helped submissives, fetishists, dominants and those who have fetish identities to probe into their personal desires. This type of self-awareness can enhance your whole life, and has a significant effect on the sexual lives of the clients I work with. The techniques I use differ with each client. Most times, it is a matter of educating someone on a bodily technique they are unfamiliar with. Since my own concentration is on power or control, I am specifically focused on helping enhance or develop the D/S relationship. Many submissives and dominants get stuck when attempting to bring their fantasies to life. I help them by giving them real-life tools to use in reaching their goals, enhancing their confidence. How to Start the Session If you are interested in coaching, please send me an email. With a name and a few details about yourself and your situation. I will respond to your email with more information regarding the sessions and the fees. Everything is confidential – only you and I will know. I am looking forward to working with you and helping you to reach your highest erotic potential, uncover your deepest desires and achieve your personal goals.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chance Phone Sex Lifestyle Coach BDSM and Fetish

I'm Chance your BDSM and Fetish Lifestyle Coach. I am open to all lifestyles, kinks, and fetishes. Handling each of your needs with discression, respect and care.

NiteFlirt ID Princess Chance


Monday, April 29, 2013

* Chance *

English: from Old French chea(u)nce ‘(good) fortune’ (a derivative of cheoir ‘to fall (out)’, Latin cadere), a nickname for an inveterate gambler, for someone considered fortunate or well favored, or perhaps for someone who had survived an accident by a remarkable piece of luck.

Like I always say ~ Blow On The Dice Of Life For Me ~ 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

For You

Vacant eyes
Numbers in a line
Shame hidden from human eyes
Day ends
Party begins
Get well
Get sick
My mind is one big trick
Fall short
Her arms so warm
The one I wish I could charm
Close my eyes under her spell
Slicing words
I love living in this hell
Please release me from your spell

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I'll never say your name as we continue this game
I'll gobble you up
Every last drop
Your head in my hands
Snapping rubber bands
Pipe smoke fills the air
Your life becomes crystal clear
Your girlfriend
Your wife
I am your secret life
Angel wings turned black
I'm ready for the attack
A single tear runs down my face
From beginning to end your life was mine to earse
A sequence of unfortunate events is how we met
Dark wings are now yours to caress
I press my face against your chest
Like the cat that steals babies breath